WP1: Requirements Analysis

Del. no. Title Due
D1.1 Consolidation of state-of-the-art M3
D1.2 Interaction Patterns and Security Properties M12, M24
D1.3 Informal security policies and Legal Considerations M12, M24

WP2: Secure Web Interactions

Del. no. Title Due
D2.1 Secure Interaction Specification M12
D2.2 Secure Interaction Prototype (internal) M18
D2.3 Secure Interaction Specification and Enforcement M30

WP3: Information-Flow Control

Del. no. Title Due
D3.1 Confidentiality and Integrity Policies M12
D3.2 Information-Flow Enforcement Prototype (internal) M18
D3.3 Information-Flow Policies and Server-driven Enforcement M30

WP4: Secure Composition

Del. no. Title Due
D4.1 Secure Composition Policies M12
D4.2 Secure Composition Prototype (internal) M18
D4.3 Secure Composition Policies and Server-driven Enforcement M30

WP5: Integration and Evaluation

Del. no. Title Due
D5.1 Integrated WebSand Architecture M18
D5.2 Integrated WebSand Framework (internal) M25
D5.3 Use Case Report M36
D5.4 Standalone Solutions Report M42

WP6: Dissemination and Exploitation

Del. no. Title Due
D6.1 Dissemination Report M12, M24, M42
D6.2 Exploitation Plan (internal) M12, M24, M42

WP7: Project Management

Del. no. Title Due
D7.1 Updated implementation plan including the updated dissemination plan (internal) M18
D7.2 Intermediate Project Report (internal) M7, M18, M30
D7.3 Yearly cost statement including yearly project report (internal) M12, M24, M36
D7.4 Online Collaboration Platform (internal) M1